Here is a chance for you to be part of our members club.
All you have to do is pay for your Ultimate Value Pass and you will be granted access into the park every weekend. The prices are as follows:

Swimming & Sliding

Sunday-Only Ksh2,000/- per person
Sat and Sun Ksh2,500/- per person

Valid for a period of 30-days from the date of purchase.
That is, if you choose the Sunday Only offer, you can enter Wild Waters up to 4 times in a month for Swimming/Sliding, for as little as Ksh2000/- in total per person.

Spectators / Non-Sliders

For Parents who do not wish to Swim, but to accompany their Child, we have a redeemable cover charge of Ksh300/- per person If you would like to know more about what Wild Waters offers then check out this video.

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