Wet Rides


Multine & Harakiri
This is a family slide consisting of four slides joined together; it enables a family or group to slide down together. The user slides down with a thin sliding mat along with the flowing water down the slide. This is definitely the group-favourite, with many patrons competing to reach the furthest and fastest in the landing pool.

Multine & Harkiri


Slide in total darkness with speed and bends to make this an exciting journey into the landing pool. Definitely one of the peoples favourite!

Kids Pool
There are five in number consisting of a smaller version of joined slides and round tube slides and open slides which all slide into the kid’s pool from the beautiful designed Castle House.

Kids Pool

Flume Bowl

Flume Bowl
This is an adult slide and for good swimmers as the pool is five feet deep. The thrill is to slide down a tube and spin in a bowl several times before being dropped into the middle down to the pool.

Lazy River
Added to our sliding facilities is a massive 270 meter long lazy river that encircles the entire park. Relax on one of our tubes and let the river take you slowly around the park while you enjoy the beautiful sunshine the Coast has to bring and the entertainment all around you.

Lazy River

Water Playstation

The Water Play Station
This is an excellent area where kids can play and have fun for hours with spraying water from all directions whilst climbing up and down. The play station has a huge bucket which when filled automatically tilts to release a huge amount of water on the children. Children absolutely love this area.

The RainDance Area The dancers favourite. Truly unique to Wild Waters, our Raindance Arena lets patrons dance to the beats of music while being cooled off through artificially-created rain.

Rain Dance
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